About Wipra Broadband

“We guarantee our commitment to quality” With us you will experience the new heights of SPEED


A variety of broadband plans with unlimited data options all at never-seen-before speed and far wide strong connections!


Don’t wait for long hours to let that movie load or that file to download! Get Wipra Broadband and speed things up!


With WiFi options, now you don’t need to restrict yourself to the same spot. Use the internet on the go all around the place.

We provide upto 50 SIP Channel at minimum cost with HD Calling without call drop.You can connect with 50 outgoing and incoming calls at a time. Now you don’t need to change land line numbers because our company provides only SIP service without any bind any internet plans like others. Here we have broadband fiber for home and Airfiber for business users. Kindly check & confirm.

We at Wipra Broadband are committed to achieving our objective, which is to “be the most trusted name in broadband services, by improving the customer experience through cutting-edge, dependable, and cost-effective services.” We aspire to be acknowledged nationally as a leading ISP offering Next Generation Services.


RETICULE INFOTECH PVT. LTD. (WIPRA BROADBAND) is providing internet services at Ludhiana City since 2015. We have 10G Enabled RF Towers at 32 Locations. BSNL & TATA Communication are our Fiber Network Partners. With stable infrastructure, we provide reliable and fast connections with minimum of downtime. Tata Tele Service, Connect & Airtel (Via Enet Solutions) are our lease line partners & these are our backbone. Our peering partners are Nixil, Extreme ix, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Akamai, Microsoft, Facebook, Limelight, Alibaba, Yahoo, Tecent Etc. We use both Airfiber and Fiber technology to ensure quick and easy installation. Airfiber networks are adaptable and expandable. Fiber network is for apartments & societies. We guarantee that our connection will be up when you need it. The quality of our service and technology ensures that connection downtime is minimal. We also have SIP HD Calling solution for home and business users.

Connect all your devices and access high speed
Internet with ease….